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Writing a perfect Wedding Vow

Whether you're saying the traditional wedding vow or your personal vow, you want every word to be heartfelt.

Kalila Events Tips:

  • Write it down on a scented paper

  • Remember the most romantic moments with your partner

  • Sincerely make a promise

  • Practice reading or memorizing

  • Just be you

Marc & Anna's Wedding

Planning & coordination by:

Ms. Annie Germino / Kalila Events

Always great working with:

Cecilio Aba

Arvox Tailoring

Ricarte's Hill

Iya Gueco

Suzette Ramos

Moki Cruz Photography

Theia Films

Calaruega Church

Manila Wedding Singers

Beat Lights & Sounds

Mr. Momer Gubatun

Tourist Cake

Agot's Catering

Photo credits to:

Moki Cruz Photography

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