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"Creative Rumbling of a Restless Mind"

Written by: Annie Germino, Event Planner & Director, Kalila Events & Co.

Managing Kalila Events, formerly Plan the Day Events PH, is one of the most significant training grounds for building my career.

I only started working on this out of my simple passion, photography.

But events introduced me to a broader range of opportunities, creating much more to offer, unleashing different perspectives I have, and allowing each of my team member's talents and skills to come out and enhance even more. This is why we are innovating our services.

Indeed, nothing beats memories and experiences. And as time goes by, passion and creativity have turned into something more than expected from each of us working here.

PASSION, CREATIVITY, and INNOVATION are what we have curated in our values.

Beholding these cores leads us to create beautiful memories - beautiful events!

For me, the key to a successful event is not only about having professional knowledge, talent & skills. The key to an outstanding event is also to give our full commitment to our clients, dream with them and make their dream events come true - that's what we are offering.

Overall, Kalila Events is an excellent opportunity to perform. This is not only about making an organization. This is also about creating special memories thru expressing our passion, showing our talents & skills, and building opportunities for people - it is a guild of passionate, talented, and skillful individuals.

And here, we treat everyone like no other than a FAMILY.

Kalila Events. Let's make beautiful events!

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