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Our Growing Family


To dream and have faith. To trust and love.

To embrace the blessings and keep our feet on the ground.

To honor our beloved families and friends.

To unite by passion, support one another, and keep each other by love.

To our dear clients and friends, this is our family.

This is "KALILA".


Our Beautiful Story

It was in the middle of the pandemic when we registered Kalila with a goal not as events management but somehow to be a leader in coaching people who are interested in event planning and coordination, but God has greater plans, leading us back to our roots in event management.

Along this journey, we've not only provided opportunities to friends, promoted ourselves, and honed our skills but also found a home in this team.

This isn't just a team; it's a home of positive energy, where we strengthen, support, and uplift each other. They say that happiness shines through in teamwork, and our bond has certainly illuminated our work.

The impact we've made on each other resonates not only with the clients we serve but also with their families and friends.

Kalila, as the name signifies "dearly loved," this team gives so much love to each other that it shows in all the work we do. Gratitude and humility are some of the things we are always embracing in this family.

There are so many beautiful stories we want to share about our team.

And we hope to impart these beautiful souls to your events.

Meet The Team

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