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Kalila Events Christmas Party 2023 #Kalilafied

Kalila Events Christmas Party 2023 #Kalilafied

On December 11, our team had our first-ever Kalila Events Christmas party.

1st Location - Kalila Team Headquarters:

- We enjoyed a simple breakfast featuring dishes not typically served at events, like Tortang Talong, itlog na malaat, daing na bangus, okoy, etc.

- Gift exchange with items not exceeding 200 pesos.

- Sung "boom tarat tarat" and "dubidubidapdap" multiple times!!

- Engaged in lively games such as hep hep hooray, name that tune, and a mini raffle draw with prizes obtained from various freebies.

2nd Location - ACE Water SPA | Quezon City:

- Taking a break from our hectic December schedules, the majority of the team decided to unwind, hence, the ACE Water SPA. It was the perfect moment to rejuvenate and enjoy each other's company.

3rd Location - Jiang Nan Hotpot (Banawe):

- We wrapped up the day with a feast at Jiang Nan Hotpot, super delicious hotpot and truly satisfying. Huge thanks to the supportive staff at Jiang Nan!

TODAY was a truly fun and memorable experience with the team. Aside from, as the team says: "Where else can you find 3 locations in a Christmas Party? Only Kalila!" But on a more serious note, happiness doesn't require extravagant spending. Our team is just so appreciative that we find joy even in the smallest things and cherish the time spent together even during or outside events.

Happy Holidays!

From Kalila Events Team 💕

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