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Why Do You Need A Mood Board?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

A mood board will help you to do two things throughout your planning.

Firstly, it’s a guide against which you can review all subsequent design decisions. Yes, that new idea you’ve seen on Pinterest is fabulous, but does it really fit with the essence and style of your day? The mood board is a great tool to keep you on track and true to your original vision when new ideas are seducing you!

And secondly, it is a great way of communicating your vision to various suppliers ranging from stationers to florists, which avoids misinterpretation that could arise from relying on words alone.

Armed with a conceptual mood board, your suppliers can work with you to drill down on your ideas and bring your design to life. Think of your mood board therefore as a stepping-stone to getting from your vision to that precise cake or bouquet design.

Ultimately, we use mood boards with all our clients as a way of ensuring we deliver them a day that may not appear overly themed on the surface but is consistent, cohesive, and flows effortlessly. (Bridalmusings)

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