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Things to ponder before inquiring from an Event Supplier


Things to ponder before inquiring from an event supplier:

Get your event details ready! Preparing your event details and pasting them into your notes will save you a lot of time in typing them over and over again.

What are the details to prepare:

  1. The event type - Is it for your wedding, your daughter's birthday, a special milestone, or an anniversary?

  2. Date and time of the event - It's a good start for you and the supplier to check whether they are still available on that date or not. And, even though you still haven't decided what date it would be, you still need to be transparent with the supplier so they know that it is still open for discussion.

  3. Event location - If you've already booked a venue, your supplier needs to asses if the location is still manageable from their end. Is it out-of-town or Metro Manila only? If they had an event there in the past (plus points!).

  4. How many guests - Because it is also important for your suppliers to check how many team members they are bringing to help them deliver their services to your event.

  5. E-mail address and mobile number - so they have alternative contact details to reach you when it comes to follow-ups. Yes! As a responsible celebrant, you need to be courteous in responding to follow-ups. Whether you want their services, you are still thinking, or you no longer need their service.

Is there something we've missed? Or do you have any event ideas that you want to share on our website? Comment it below!

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