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Consultation, Checklist, and Practical Guides


A wedding planner can help you find the dream venue, the best suppliers for your style and budget, and guide you through this overwhelming process from the first day. Even if you think, it's so easy to do on your own, experts will help you to avoid costly mistakes, show the hidden gems, reinforce connections and negotiate a great deal on your behalf. #AsktheEventPro

Wedding Decorations

Kalila Events & Co. Guide and E-Book

Congratulations on your engagement!

You are now starting the wedding planning,

but you don't know where exactly to start?

Google search may help, but the experts will give you professional advice based on real experiences. Here in Kalila & Co., we will tell you what exactly you need for your wedding preparation. From the checklist, selection of suppliers, what are the things you need to consider before booking them, legal and church compliance, down to the last details for endorsement to your on-the-day wedding coordinator.


Welcome, Kalila!


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