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Kalila Events

Bespoke Event Planners & Coordinators

It's no surprise that planning your wedding is a bit overwhelming. But balancing out your intense feelings during the engagement is the ultimate power!

With the right guide, wise planning, and enough preparation, you are just a few steps away from your dream day!

We are Bespoke!

From wedding planning, sourcing of suppliers, assistance in legal compliance, the church’s requirements, and all the assistance needed in preparation for your wedding, we are here for you!

Already contracted with your preparation place, ceremony, reception place, and catering services? But do you still need the rest of the suppliers? Let's talk! 

Do you have a perfect wedding in mind, and you just need someone to execute all your hard work and ideas?

Don't worry because we've got you covered!

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Louise Agustin - Truong

" It all started from sleepless night and almost a 24/7 conversations of all that I wished for my wedding and THAT they made possible. I am miles away having only 2 weeks to actually prepare for my wedding and expectedly it went well.What differentiates them from the others is their drive for PASSION towards what they do....owning the Event! They own it! I didn't even feel that they felt it was work. Everybody was organized, well coordinated, and professional. Being passionate towards the client is what gets my heart to be at ease that my event will be memorable. When your happy with who your working with(not even working with since they just let you sit and relax), well...It's just a different feeling..indescribable. 😉 I know how a vendor-client relationship works but they do go the extra mile."

Atty. Janedee Delector - Galamgam

"It literally takes a village to pull off a wedding these days. Imagine flying in 120 guests and suppliers in a destination wedding to the island of Boracay during a pandemic. It would have been chaos if not for the expert handling of our wedding coordinator Kalila Events Thank you so much Annie Germino for being part of our wedding journey! We are so glad we chose you to be our coordinator for our dream wedding. There's a lot of good Boracay based coord but I went with my gut feel and chose your team, even if it means flying the whole team to Boracay. You guys are worth it. You saved me a lot of stress and I didnt even feel I had a bridezilla moment ever since we started planning. Not only you were my coordinator, you also doubled as my shrink listening to my rants whenever the jitters are setting in. You really did well considering I am a bride who doesn't take no for an answer. Your team is very efficient and well coordinated and we're still in awe that everything was on time as planned. The professionalism was there even if there were some conflicts because you were trying your best to make everything on schedule. Of course there is no such thing as the perfect event. But I'm sure it was the closest to perfect that we have achieved. Again, thank you Annie, Ms. Ayna, Ms. Judith and the rest of the team. Highly recommended!"

KC Miranda - Rabacca

"It was a perfect night..It was amazing..It was beautiful..It was one of a kind..It was what I've always dream of. It was magical.. and Ms. Annie and her team made it possible..YOU guys worked hard for it...😭From the very first day we are planning,,until our last minute Stressful time,You never made me feel that we're NOT OKAY,You never made me feel that something was not RIGHT,you never made me feel that we're NOT ON THE RIGHT TRACK,You never made me feel STRESS,Because literally you are gracefully taking all the stress on my behalf..😭😭And Im so Grateful that i took the Risk on that wedding fair because after my wedding,I can personally say and RISK all I have by telling and shouting out loud to all the future Bride and Groom out there that you will be In Good hands with Ms. Annie and her whole Kalila Events team..They are the best team ever..👏👏We love you from the bottom of our hearts... Thank you very much!!😘I will miss you..Im crying now!!"

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